About Us

Curtis Norton has worked on making funny videos since high school. There, he learned camera operation, TV studio work, editing (assemble editing, insert editing, and nonlinear editing), and graphic design. He later went to UCF where he earned a BA in Film, and met Curt Wiser. In college, he worked on several short films, including two 36 hour contests, a documentary about working at Hungry Howies, and more. After college, he would work many jobs on Wiser’s first feature film, Cam-Girl, including Editor.
Curt Wiser graduated from UCF with a BFA in Computer Animation. He worked as an intern with Secret Legion during college, and continued with them for a short time after graduating. Curt has gone on to write several screenplays, turning one into a feature film. Originally titled, Web-Cam, then later changed to Cam-Girl, he also wrote an adaptation for theater, and a novelization of the film titled, Boxcutter Killer.